1979 & 1981 Allan Cup Champion Petrolia Squires Reunion

Sunday, March 15th, 2020 when the Sting take on the Erie Otters for family fun at the Hive when the puck drops at 4:05 PM EST.

Beginning at 2:00 PM the Sarnia Sting are excited to reunite the 1979 & 1981 Allan Cup Championship Petrolia Squires.  Fans can meet the members of this team and get their photo with the Allan Cup beginning at 2 PM EST in Char 91, the rink side restaurant at Progressive Auto Sales Arena.

Men’s Senior AAA Championship – The Allan Cup – Learn More

Squires 1













1979 Alan Cup Champion Petrolia Squires

Back Row– Wilf Keating, Clare Ross,Sippie Scholten,Dr Harold Shabshove,Dave Osborne 
Third- Bill Brown,Jim Willis,Mitch McCalmon,Darryl Ulrich,Roger Archer,Bill Fairburn,Doug Simpson,Brian Symington 
Second-Ira Downer-Mgr.,Dan Duncan,Jerry Sancartier,Brian Edgar,Lou Gagnon,Al Gibbons,Dale Wilson, 
Bill Abercrombie,Rick Rankin,Pete Ens,Ron Carroll-Coach 
Front -Rob Metcalfe-Tr. ,Bruce Aberhart,Doug Zonneville.Ron Wilson,Barry Edgar,Dave Wilson,Al Houston Larry Lucas ,Ron Goodacre Tr. 

1978-1979 at Sarnia 
Petrolia Gibbons-Squires defeat the  Steinbach Huskies 4-1

Sun     April 29     Petrolia Gibbons-Squires 6  Steinbach Huskies  5 
Mon   April 30     Petrolia Gibbons-Squires 7  Steinbach Huskies  3  O/T 
Tues   May  1      Steinbach Huskies 5   Petrolia Gibbons-Squires    4 
Wed   May 2       Petrolia Gibbons-Squires 7  Steinbach Huskies  1 
Fri       May 4       Petrolia Gibbons-Squires 6  Steinbach Huskies 1

Squires 2


Back –     Al Gibbons,Bill Stobbs,Sippie Scholten,Jim Duffy,Keith Cameron,Steve Degurse-Coach,Clare Ross,
Dave Osborne,Dr Harold Shabshove  Mait Edgar,Ira Downer, Manager

Middle- Ron Goodachre-Trainer, Bill Abercrombie,Len Fontaine,Steve Stoyanovich,Grant Musselman,Bob Gardiner,Bill Fairburn,Bill Brown,
Brian Edgar,Gary Wilson,Jerry Sancartier,John Held,Ray Tilley,Al Houston, Rob Metcalfe-Trainer

Front-    Dave Tataryn,Doug Zonneville,Ron Wilson,Barry Edgar-Captain ,Larry Lucas,Dale Wilson,Dave Wilson,Bruce Aberhart
1980-1981 at Thunder Bay 
Petrolia Squires defeat the St Boniface Mohawks 5-1 in Tournament Final

Preliminary Single Round Robin 
Grand Falls Cataracts 3  St Boniface Mohawks 2 
Thunder Bay Twins 8  Petrolia Squires 3 
Grand Falls Cataracts 4  Thunder Bay Twins 9 
St Boniface Mohawks 4  Petrolia Squires 6 
Thunder Bay Twins 5  St Boniface Mohawks 4  OT 
Petrolia Squires 6  Grand Falls Cataracts 3

Semi-Finals: Elminination Round 
St Boniface Mohawks 4  Thunder Bay Twins 3 
Petrolia Squires 6  Grand Falls Cataracts 3

Final: Championship Game 
Petrolia Squires 5  St Boniface Mohawks 1

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